New Showreel: 2015

Some of my favourites, both old and new.


  • quicktime version available here
  • Jun

    Nike: World Cup at Glassworks London

    After eight years away from London I have come full circle to where my animation career began with the superb peeps over at Glassworks. We had a lot of fun working alongside Passion Pictures for the World Cup this summer.The final renders completed by Juan, Julian and Roman (artists at Glassworks) are tremendous and I’m feeling a bit chuffed.

    You can view the entire commercial below, along with my contribution: Questo articolo.


  • here’s the shot breakdown (for the shots that are in colour):
  • neymar – alastair
    ronaldo – myself and alastair
    luiz – myself
    iniesta – myself
    ribéry – myself
    rooney – alastair
    howard – alastair
    ibrahimovic – myself and alastair


    Directing Actors at the NFTS

    I have just returned from the Directing Actor’s course at the NFTS in London. What a trip. I’ve always wanted to direct and so I decided to get my teeth into it this year. The course really gave us a chance to feel what it’s like to be a director, both in rehearsals and on set. We had many acting exercises too, which terrified me at first, but proved to be a lot of fun and very informative. They say the best directors were once actors.. and I’m sure there’s some truth in it.

    Our guide / mentor / teacher was the wonderful Laurence Moody, who’s enthusiasm and positive nature enabled us all to get involved without ever feeling self conscious or inexperienced. We also had some very high quality actors to work with who’d worked on Kick Ass 2, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Ultimate Force, Bad Girls, Wire in the Blood and Cold Feet. They were all very grounded and came with no bullshit, it was humbling to work with such awesome people.

    I found the course very rewarding, but now I’m frustrated that I can’t continue acting and directing every day. I wish I could re-do the course every other week :)

    Laurence showed us a few scenes from various movies that featured an audition, rehearsal or something similar. These scenes are sort of Hollywood mocking Hollywood, and give a humorous peak behind the curtain at what actors actually have to go through. We were shown the “commode story” from Reservoir Dogs, and the sexy rehearsal scene from Mulholland Drive. I’ve added these below, with a few of my own personal favourites thrown in:


    Auditions, Rehearsals and Similar Stuff

    Reservoir Dogs – directed by Quentin Tarantino


    Mulholland Drive – directed by David Lynch


    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – directed by Shane Black


    Super 8 – directed by J.J. Abrams


    True Romance – directed by Tony Scott


    The Artist – directed by Michel Hazanavicius


    Get Shorty – directed by Barry Sonnenfeld


    Wayne’s World II – directed by Stephen Surjik


    Verhoeven’s ‘Robocop’ and Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times’

    In making Robocop, Verhoeven speaks often of his many influences. However I can find no mention of Charlie Chaplin, or his movie ‘Modern Times’, which I believe is simply an oversigh. I hope you can see for yourselves upon watching this video:



    Transformers Transformations in Slooooo Mooooo

    This one is for the animators. Why are they in slomo? Because Michael Bay had them designed to look like a Curly Wurly covered in scrap metal, and because he can’t keep a camera still to save his life. Have fun!

    Optimus Prime










    Time for an update!

    Here’s a short animation reel from my time at FiftyEight 3D in Frankfurt:

  • quicktime version available here


    Here’s the final commercial (you can see which shots I animated from the reel above):


    And a making of:


    And here’s a little shot I animated recently for the ‘Der Frühstart’ commercial:

  • quicktime version available here
  • Jun

    brando – rebel without a cause screentest – 1947

    This was originally released on Sky News in the UK. The reporter said that it was a screentest for the 1955 Rebel Without a Cause movie… however this was incorrect.

    The truth is, the lines Brando reads were from a partial script written in the late 40′s. Warner Brothers had attempted to create a film based on Dr. Robert M. Lindner’s study “Hypnoanalysis Of A Criminal Psychopath”, but a full script was never produced.

    The film, as it later appeared, was the result of a totally new script written in the 1950s that had nothing to do with the Brando test. However, Brando was still offered the part, prior to James Dean, but declined for unknown reasons.

    Lastly, the film retains almost nothing from Dr. Robert M. Lindner’s hypno-analysis, and simply retains the title.

    Anyway, enough trivia. Here’s a 23 year old Brando showing us all how it’s done! Infact, this can be regarded as Brando’s first ever screen performance…


    godfather screentest – samuel fuller & al pacino

    I just caught this over at aicn. This is Samuel Fuller’s audition for the role of Hyman Roth in ‘The Godfather: Part II’. The role was later given to Lee Strasburg who ended up earning an Oscar nomination for his performance.

    Zoetrope just released this, enjoy!


    the invisible!

    Rowan Atkinson shows that it only takes one character to carry a scene. The other character / props can all be suggested by the performance. Genius stuff!
    The invisible drums

    The invisible piano

    The invisible tormentor


    breaking the routine

    I’ve been analysing a ton of Charlie Chaplin stuff for my new iAnimate assignment. There’s a beautiful example of ‘breaking the routine’ during the boxing sequence in ‘City Lights’.

    Breaking the routine is where a routine or a pattern is established (something happens the same way, or a similar way, around 2 or 3 times). The routine is then ‘broken’ by having something unexpected happen on the 3rd or 4th beat.

    This gives the rhythm more texture!

    Notice how Chaplin reacts to the big punches:
    1. knocks him left…
    2. knocks him right…
    3. he explodes in a flurry of punches!!

    It keeps the audience hooked, I love it.

    Here’s a scene from Zoolander. Will Ferrell throws in a 30 second routine breaker, and it’s probably one of the funniest moments in the movie!

    And in animation we also see a lot of ‘breaking the routine’. Watch how Yzma pauses on the “a little to the left” line. This makes things so much more fun to watch, and keeps us guessing.

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