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New Showreel: 2015

Some of my favourites, both old and new.   quicktime version available here


Directing Actors at the NFTS

I have just returned from the Directing Actor’s course at the NFTS in London. What a trip. I’ve always wanted to direct and so I decided to get my teeth into it this year. The course really gave us a chance to feel what it’s like to be a director, both in rehearsals and on …

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Transformers Transformations in Slooooo Mooooo

This one is for the animators. Why are they in slomo? Because Michael Bay had them designed to look like a Curly Wurly covered in scrap metal, and because he can’t keep a camera still to save his life. Have fun! Optimus Prime Bumblebee Jazz Megatron Starscream Blackout Bonecrusher Barricade