brando – rebel without a cause screentest – 1947

This was originally released on Sky News in the UK. The reporter said that it was a screentest for the 1955 Rebel Without a Cause movie… however this was incorrect.

The truth is, the lines Brando reads were from a partial script written in the late 40′s. Warner Brothers had attempted to create a film based on Dr. Robert M. Lindner’s study “Hypnoanalysis Of A Criminal Psychopath”, but a full script was never produced.

The film, as it later appeared, was the result of a totally new script written in the 1950s that had nothing to do with the Brando test. However, Brando was still offered the part, prior to James Dean, but declined for unknown reasons.

Lastly, the film retains almost nothing from Dr. Robert M. Lindner’s hypno-analysis, and simply retains the title.

Anyway, enough trivia. Here’s a 23 year old Brando showing us all how it’s done! Infact, this can be regarded as Brando’s first ever screen performance…