iAnimate student reel is now up!

Here’s the new iAnimate reel. I’m really impressed with the high quality of the animations, particularly the close-up work being done by the students in Workshop 3.

I can’t wait to begin… crumbs!



Hello and welcome to my new site!

Here you’ll find my musings on animation, in particular the role of the animated medium in storytelling. Samples of my animation work / progress are available from the links above, and I have a tasty animator’s reference section that I’ll be adding to frequently.

Feedback is always welcome :)

In news:
Crysis 2 has now wrapped, and I think we have an incredible looking game. Look out for the work of Owen, Catalin and Myself on the 1st-person weapon animations!

And in May, I’m very excited to be starting the iAnimate animation course. I can’t wait to start animating with the Victor Vinyals rigs!

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